How to introduce SoundMind to your students

With the back to school season rapidly approaching, it’s time for both educators and students to gear up for another great year of learning. Luckily, this year may look a little different for teachers who are using SoundMind as an aid for their students—with help from our mood tracking and AI learning features, teachers can get an even better glimpse into their classrooms to see how they can best support their students (and themselves).

What does SoundMind offer for schools and students?

Soundmind’s all-in-one program includes access to our entire library of binaural and visual beats, a personalized soundscape composer, daily mood tracking, brain games, and our wellness locker. This allows students to have 24/7 wellness tools they can utilize both inside and outside the classroom. We’ll dive a little deeper into three of our main features below:

Binaural beats and visual worlds

Each binaural beat can be paired with what we call ‘visual worlds’: short, engaging videos that personalize the listening experience to each individual. There are different categories that students can use to find which binaural beat is best for their mood state. Binaural beats are scientifically proven to target different mood states, and can help relieve symptoms of impaired focus, anxiety, stress, depression, difficulty sleeping, and more. Over 48% of our users have reported a significant reduction of these symptoms with regular listening use of binaural beats.

Science-Backed Brain Games

SoundMind’s app has a library of brain games that encourage positive cognitive function, improved memory capabilities, and sustained focus. These games make mental health and brain health fun by being engaging without being addictive, since they’re specially designed to prevent that. Educators can encourage students to play these games without worrying about them staying on too long—they’re designed in conjunction with SoundMind’s research team to encourage positive brain training that can be used by anyone, and are a great supplement in the classroom!

Wellness Locker

This feature has a lot of resources to help students focus on their mental health, from guided listening lessons to audio clips explaining how to use our app most effectively. We also have worksheets that pair with each resource and audio clip, so educators can use the Wellness Locker as part of their lesson plans too.

Every day, the app will prompt students to track their mood when they open it. This data is used in the monthly wellness report that teachers can access in the SoundMind Administrator Dashboard, where it also shows AI-generated suggestions on how to improve aspects of your classroom that may need more help. Check out this link to learn more about how to use the app and what SoundMind can do for you!

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