Outdoor exercise and brain health

You’ll often hear the phrases “get some sun” or “take a walk and you’ll feel better”, but did you know there’s actually a scientific reason that these help improve your mood? This study published in January 2023 found that the environment in which we exercise and spend our time in can be just as important as what exercise we’re doing, and that being in nature can actually boost our benefits to a significant degree. So how does this nature power empower us?

Nature Heals… Literally

The outdoor study group in this study showed a variety of benefits over the indoor control group, including:

  • Far greater cognitive attention scores, which means increased activation of the prefrontal cortex and restored mental capacity
  • Increase in indexed task performance
  • Improved reaction time (it was double the control group’s!)
  • Increased cognitive performance

It goes to show that even spending a little bit of time outside in nature each day can really make a difference. Think of it like a cognitive refresh—we’re meant to be enjoying nature, and nature soothes and heals us in return. Many people choose to hit the gym as a form of destressing and relaxing after a hard day, so combining that exercise with being outdoors can only amplify those benefits. For the non-gym enthusiasts, even pairing a leisurely walk outside with some calming binaural beats in the SoundMind app can reap the benefits of the outdoors for your mental health. Try getting out in nature today, and let us know how it affects you by tweeting us @soundmindapp!

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