What are alpha beats?

Need to focus, but just have too much brain fog to concentrate? Do you have a big exam coming up that you aren’t motivated to study for? By harnessing the power of sound, alpha binaural beats may be able to help you get over that slump and get you into a learning flow state.

Alpha Mentality

Having confidence in yourself and knowing you’re going to succeed is a big motivator in wanting to engage in a task, and learning is no different. Oftentimes students struggle with negative self-talk, in which they constantly project themselves in a state of negativity which eventually leads to burnout or giving up. However, alpha binaural beats in the 8-14 hertz range have been linked to promoting positivity, as well as concentration. Listening to alpha binaural beats when studying or diving into a daunting task won’t eliminate your negative thoughts completely, but it may help motivate you a little more and get the ball rolling. And sometimes, just a little push is enough to get you all the way through.

Is it a solution?

Just like anything else, sound therapy isn’t meant to be a one-stop, fix-all solution to the problems we face in everyday life. What can be said, however, is that the current scope of research on binaural beats is promising, although it will require more study to understand the full extent of the power of sound.

When am I using alpha beats?

A favorite of mine is to use alpha beats when I have a long list of tasks piling up at work—in fact, I’m listening to SoundMind’s “Align Your Focus” track while writing this blog post! Binaural beats won’t affect everyone the same way, but I know for me it really helps put me in a “just get it done” state of mind. Because I listen to alpha binaural beats during certain scenarios, when I hear one, it triggers me to want to enter that flow state that I found previously.


Alpha binaural beats in the 8-14 hz range can promote concentration/focus, positive thinking, and learning flow states when used in conjunction with associated tasks. This positive thinking can be invaluable to students, especially those who struggle with confidence in starting their work and having trust in themselves that they truly are capable of succeeding. Educators may see a difference in student mentality with regular use of alpha binaural beats—which is why we have personalized suggestions for teachers in the SoundMind Hub, so they can help their students harness the power of sound!

Have you tried them out on the SoundMind app? Download for free here!


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