What are binaural beats?

We’ve all heard the phrase “music heals”, but does it actually do anything to our brains? Recently, there’s been a rising interest in binaural beats, ASMR videos, frequency music, and white noise that is being used to enter a ‘flow state’, relax, or focus. SoundMind’s app is built off the functionality of binaural and visual beats, but what exactly are they?

🎧 Brainwave Entrainment

First, the technique of “brainwave entrainment (BWE).” When our brains hear two differing frequencies, it adjusts according to the difference in those frequencies—for example, hearing 40 hz and 45 hz will lead our brain to hear a 5 hz frequency. We can use this phenomenon to alter our brain waves and create a desired state.

Although there is a rise in search queries for ‘40 hertz’ specifically, there are many other categories of frequencies that can be used to enter a desired brain state.

Need to relax?

Delta, theta, and alpha beats are your best bet. These range from 1-14 hz, and are associated with deep sleep, meditation, relaxation, and stress reduction. Used in the right context, alpha beats in particular can actually help you enter that coveted ‘flow state’ to get your creativity going. And theta waves have been shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety when used regularly over the course of a month.

Superpowered Brain Beats

For times you need to really pay attention, problem solve, and be alert, beta and gamma beats are the best choice. These range from 14-100 hz and can be used while working, studying, or doing anything analytical. Research has suggested that they may be able to boost attention span and mental vigilance on tasks.

🎯 Takeaway

Although still being researched, studies show that binaural beats and brainwave entrainment are a promising avenue to supplement daily tasks and assist with certain mood states. SoundMind believes that the power of sound can be used for therapeutic purposes, and with an increasing interest in ‘music therapy’ from the general public, it appears that others believe in it as well. Can music really heal? We think so.

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