What are theta beats?

The digital meditation industry is currently worth more than $500 million USD, and is growing as a plethora of mindfulness apps continue to spring up. However, is it really a solution towards guided mindfulness, or do they just pose another distraction?

Screens make it hard to concentrate by constantly projecting information and visuals to you. Some may even feel that a rise in digital distractions is bombarding our brains—and not in a good way. A constantly stimulated brain will find it difficult to slow down enough to engage in meditation or to even just mentally relax. But binaural beats may be able to help.

Theta Wave Headspace

In an era of constant information overload, it can be a challenge to find space and peace away from digital entities. Theta waves in particular can be helpful in establishing this peace of mind, by mimicking how the brain operates when you’re in an extremely relaxed headspace—or when you’re dreaming. Theta waves are in the 4-8 hertz range, and binaural beats will use audio cues to establish this in your brain. 

How can I harness the power of theta waves?

Just like any other binaural beat, all you need is a pair of headphones (or two earbuds). To really harness theta binaural beats, put them on when you need to open your mind and clear your thoughts—perfect for getting into a creative groove or begin meditation. A personal favorite is listening to theta beats when beginning breathwork techniques—pairing theta beats with mindfulness practices allows me to ease myself into the calm that I want to achieve. For the non-meditators, thetas can be used to just take a moment to relax and clear your head.


Theta waves in the 4-8 hertz range are associated with meditation, relaxation, and creativity. Pairing these binaural beats with mindfulness techniques or using them to escape the digital trap by clearing your head can be helpful in achieving calmness when needed. They may also have a hand in promoting creativity by removing mental distractions!

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