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Robust Features that Really Strike a Chord

Our technology learns who you are and what makes you happy to create a custom-tailored experience specifically for you

Train to Help Your Brain

Engaging memory games enable you to retain more information and increase cognition.

Match Disruptive Moods with Binaural Beats

With over 50 behavioral categories in our library, just find how you’re feeling in any moment and let neuroscience stabilize your mood, improve focus, memory, and sleep.

Binaural Beat:

Is an auditory illusion perceived when two different pure-tone sine waves, both with frequencies lower than 1500 Hz, with less than a 40 Hz difference between them, are presented to a listener dichotically (one through each ear).

Be Your Own Creator

Pre-templated soundscapes and random ambience just doesn’t cut it on your journey to better mental health. Relax through individualized music therapy mixed by YOU for YOU.

SoundMind taps into a global community of artists, creators, mental health experts, music therapy influencers, and other wellness warriors, just like you. The SoundMind community will scale your learnings, strengthen your relationship with wellness, and build your toolbox without feeling alone.

Lead through Engagement

You get out of anything what you put into it, right? The more you use SoundMind, the faster you build your way up the community leaderboard and WIN!

Instant Connection with Artists

Dive right into our Artist Platform to get exclusives from our artists. Hear their mental health stories, connect through shared experiences, and to vibe together through music.

Join Bands & Be a Part of the Buzz

Share the communities you identify with right on your profile and connect with other SoundMinders in your groups, all in the app!

Grow (Yourself & Your Culture)

Our technology learns who you are and what makes you happy to create a custom-tailored experience specifically for you.

Organizational Wellness Intelligence

Make key behavioral and usage data actionable while allowing you to finally measure growth and progress on your concentration, focus levels, anxiety, mood.

Data, Activate!

SoundMind’s AI pushes real-time suggestions that serve to move you (& your culture) forward. From recommending tactile tools for combatting heightened mood disorders, recommending bonding activities, to mental health check-ins, we aim to destigmatize and demystify what healing looks like.

Integrated to Meet You Where You Are

SoundMind integrates personal Apple health data to correlate your mental health to physical activity, weather, sleep, and more.

Grow with us. learn with a community in your pocket.

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I had randomly came across this app about a couple months ago and gave it a shot and needless to say I am so thankful that I started using it. It has helped me tremendously through some hard times. I started this app mainly due to my depression caused by COVID-19 and I continue to use it frequently throughout the day almost every single day. I noticed my depression building up while in quarantine so now post quarantine, I am grateful to be able to have an app like soundmind on my phone because it has really helped me and benefited my
mental state . I use this app around 3 times a day, once when I first woke up, once before I go to bed and if I needed to, I would do it at random points throughout the day. This app has gotten me through post quarantine depression and I will continue to use this app and I recommend the app sound mind to all of my friends & family members. 10/10 app

amazing app!! so glad for there being a music therapy app catered to Igbtq+ youth, it’s fantastic 🙂

I absolutely love this app. It’s super user friendly and I look forward to playing these sounds during meditation and yoga. Helps to calm me and give me peace of mind! 5 stars!

Music has always been an integral part of my life and my journey. It is amazing to see what SoundMind has been able to achieve in providing a custom experience for each user to lower stress, increase memory, and mitigate trauma triggers all through music.

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