• 53
    Reported reduction
    in trouble relaxing
  • 46
    decrease in severe
  • 50
    Users see decrease in
    feelings of nervousness
  • 41
    Increase in perceiving
    themselves as a happier person
  • 58
    Increase in feelings
    of excitement

These statistics are from our ongoing clinical trial, approved by the IRB and NIH, which is currently undergoing peer review and we will update this as we continue through the publication process.

Advancing the fields of thanatosonics, neuroplasticity, and mental wellbeing

SoundMind is one of the only mental health apps committed to advancing the field of thanatosonics, memory rehabilitation and neuroplasticity through clinically-validated and first-hand research.

Clinical Testing and Research Collaborations

Literature Reviews, App Testing, and Research

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Immersive Music Therapy

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Neurodivergence and music therapy

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Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma

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SoundMind tech bridging the gap

The healing benefits of music extends beyond reducing stress and anxiety. However, there is a gap in understanding when it comes to the overlap between music therapy, neurological function, and mental health.

To address this gap, the SoundMind Research team investigates the correlation between music and:

  • Mitigating the effects of trauma in those who suffer from PTSD
  • Concentration and focus in neurodivergent individuals
  • Memory in those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI)

With this, SoundMind can formulate a holistic understanding of the brain and body in response to music therapy.

Music therapy

heals the body, mind, and soul through the power of sound.

Music Therapy

The term “music therapy” describes the use of sounds to encourage relaxation, concentration, and serenity. Music therapy can be anything from falling asleep to piano melodies to listening to the sound of birds chirping – music therapy is as unique as you are.


When your brain hears a sound, it translates the vibrations into an electrical signal that travels as a wave through your brain. Sometimes, the sounds we hear are not at the exact same frequency. In this case, your brain matches the frequency difference between the sounds you hear with time. This phenomenon can be seen with our Visual Beats feature, which uses binaural beats to encourage relaxation, focus, and alertness.

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