How to supercharge your day with morning pages

Morning Pages, popularized by Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” invite you to embark on a daily journey of uninhibited expression. This creative and therapeutic ritual becomes a sanctuary for self-reflection, problem-solving, and delving into the depths of your emotions and thoughts. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to unlock a renewed sense of clarity, alleviate stress, and ignite the spark of creativity within you through the tactile sensation of putting pen to paper.

  1. Set aside dedicated time and place: Choose a quiet and peaceful location in the morning for your Morning Pages practice. Allocate a specific time, aiming for 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted writing.
  2. Start writing immediately: As soon as you sit down, let your thoughts flow without judgment or censorship. Write continuously, allowing your stream of consciousness to guide the process.
  3. Fill three pages: Aim to fill three pages of your notebook, focusing on self-expression and reflection. Don’t worry about perfection—just keep writing, and exploring thoughts, feelings, and ideas.
  4. Embrace honesty and reflection: Use Morning Pages as a safe space to express yourself authentically. Embrace vulnerability and avoid overthinking or editing your words. Afterward, reflect on your writing, noticing patterns and insights to inform your personal growth.


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    William Yuk