What are delta beats?

How many of us are actually able to go to sleep when we want to? Although it’d be nice to have a complete absence of thoughts and no running ‘to-do’ lists plaguing our minds before bed, it’s unfortunately not how it goes most of the time. However, there’s been research emerging that ‘sound therapy’ can actually help with promoting deep sleep and stress relief, without needing anything else but headphones and a phone.

Why focus on Delta Waves?

EEG brain scans have revealed that delta waves are most prevalent in stage 3 of the sleep cycle, also known as the ‘deep sleep’ stage. These waves are in the 1-4 hertz range. Using this information, delta binaural beats stimulate the brain to act similarly to how it does in stage 3, promoting deep sleep and relaxation. By doing so, delta beats can keep your brain in a deeper sleeping state which leads to a more restful sleep!

Delta Beats for Deep ZZZs

Playing a different frequency in each ear leads to a phenomenon called ‘brainwave entrainment’, allowing sound to adjust the way your brain is operating and achieve desired results. Studies have shown that delta binaural beats are most effective in promoting deep sleep, stress relief, and meditative states. Some have even found that they might have an application in pain relief for patients recovering from injuries or surgery, although the full extent of this is not yet known.

So what do I do?

In the SoundMind app, there’s a lot of different options for binaural beats and visual beats, which are short-form videos we created that pair with the audio. All you have to do is put on some comfortable headphones (they have to play in both ears), lay in bed, and turn the track on. Relaxing with delta binaural beats can put your mind at ease and promote a relaxative state. A good night’s sleep isn’t a dream—delta binaural beats can help make it a reality!

Have you tried them out on the SoundMind app? Download for free here!


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