What are beta beats?

What do all good spy movies have in common? From 007 in James Bond films to Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, all the protagonists are characterized by high-level alertness, extreme attention, high level cognition, analytical thinking, and on-the-fly problem solving (because something always has to go wrong). My suspicion? They’re all listening to beta binaural beats during their missions.

All jokes aside, binaural beats really can have an effect on your cognitions—although they won’t turn you into an international superspy. This study shows promise that binaural beats can actually help calm anxiety, along with other specific benefits depending on which frequency is used.

Brain-Fog, Begone

Beta binaural beats may help with a variety of things, including enhanced cognitions, increased attention, and improved energy stimulation. These operate within the 14-30 hz range, and mimic our fastest brainwaves. Your brain naturally cycles through different brainwave types throughout the day, depending on what you’re doing at a given moment. Specifically, our brain generates beta waves when thinking critically and paying attention, so beta binaural beats mimic these brainwave patterns to encourage a similar effect.

When should I be using beta binaural beats?

Any time that you’re doing a detail-oriented task, or need to stay vigilant, is a good time to put on some beta binaural beats. By mimicking your brain’s natural patterns and cycles, these binaural beats encourage you to more easily move into a concentration state. It won’t work like magic, but it’s a good way to keep your energy stimulated—helping you get through whatever you need to finish.


Beta binaural beats operate in the 14-30 hertz range and can promote cognitions, stimulate energy, and positively affect analytical thinking. By having an increase in attentiveness, your brain is more adaptable and can work through problems faster, while also remaining detail-oriented. You can check it out for yourself on the SoundMind app, where we tailor a large selection of binaural beats to your current mood or desired mood state. Don’t underestimate the power of sound!

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