What are Gamma Beats?

Do you ever get into the flow of something and feel that buzz in your body because you feel unstoppable? Like nothing can get in your way, and that you’re capable of anything in that moment? Many of us chase that flow state, because it’s when things get done—and you feel good about it the entire time. Unfortunately, we can’t always be in this state… but binaural beats can help you get there!

Level 100 Brain State

Gamma beats are in the 30-100 hertz range and mimic how your brain is operating at its highest level. By using brainwave entrainment techniques and different frequencies, sound can trick your brain into adopting these frequencies to power your brain. Here are some benefits of gamma brainwaves in particular:

  • Improved cognitions and problem-solving ability
  • Improved memory recall (say goodbye to tip-of-the-tongue syndrome!)
  • Improved awareness and mindfulness
How to Harness Gamma Binaural Beats

Using gamma binaural beats when analyzing, doing detail-specific work, and information processing can help make those tasks come easier to you, and maintain that great flow state of productivity and learning. It’s also been shown that high levels of gamma brainwave activity are found in individuals who are more receptive, empathetic, and mindful—all great qualities that showcase the power of the brain’s default mode network, or DMN. This is a cluster of brain regions that is most active when engaging in introspection, empathy, and thoughts of the past/future, all of which require a higher level of thinking.


Gamma binaural beats mimic your brain at its highest level, and can help you power through intense, high-level tasks through improved cognitive function and memory recall. You may find that tasks are easier when listening to gamma binaural beats, and that it might be easier to achieve that unstoppable work flow state. If you’re curious to know what it’s like, try out some of our specially-curated binaural beats in the SoundMind app, and let us know what you think of them! It just may be the push you need to become the most productive version of you.

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